How You Can Help

First of all, you could donate a coat! How about that one that's been lurking right at the back of your wardrobe that you don't really like/need/want anymore?! We need donations for all ages, both sexes, so if it's in clean, good condition, ready to be worn, we'll be able to give it straight out to someone who really needs it.

If your place of work is based in London, and you are interested in organising a coat collection for us, please get in touch. We can provide publicity flyers to spread the word around your office, school, or workplace. Stick them on a collection box and watch the donations be dropped in!
As we are entirely voluntary and don't fundraise, our ability to collect the donations at the end of the Coat Campaign is limited, so we ask that ideally you pop the donations in a van/courier/your own car (!) to us in west London.

If you are not a Londoner and would still like to donate, then there will definitely be a local charitable group that would benefit from a donation of warm coats and jackets right now in your area.
Case in point: last year a London firm with a Milton Keynes branch needed some guidance, and we put them in touch with the YMCA in Milton Keynes that is running a winter night shelter.
If you need any help with this, drop us an email.

Are you a registered charity who would like to receive coats for your clients?
Our coats are not for sale, but rather to be handed out directly to Londoners who can use them straight away.
Email and we will do our best to help.

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Get In Touch

Email is the best way to reach us.
For general inquiries, email :

Reg Charity No: 1142706

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