Winter 2014 Collection dates announced soon!

(It's such a simple idea.... )

Have a warm coat you don't wear any more?

If you donate it to the Calling London Coat Drive, we will make sure it gets to someone who really needs it this winter.

How easy can it be? We collect clean, unwanted winter coats that are still in good condition, then sort them into sizes, and then we redistribute them to charities across London. They, in turn, hand them out to those Londoners who need them. The donated coats are not sold, simply given out.

Do you have winter coat you just don't need / like/ want anymore?
Any puffa jackets that the children have outgrown, but are still in good shape?
Please donate them!

Our 2013 Coat Drive is now over -- if you missed the chance to collect for us, do still get in touch by email and we will have you ready to go for next year!


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